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Canoes and Kayaks

Canoe Hardware
Springfield Fan Centerboard Company

Drop Rudders, Telescoping Centerboards, Canoe Jewelry, Canoe & Small Boat Repair and Restorations in Wood & Fiberglass.

20 Treetop Avenue
Springfield, MA 01118
(413) 783-5589

About.com helps you navigate the internet with the help of "expert guides."
Tim French is the guide for the Canoeing/Kayaking category and he
has assembled a great list of links and other very helpful information for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts.

Plans for wood strip sea kayaks including how-to tips and resources for builders with hundreds of pictures of wooden kayaks under construction.

The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, Ltd. (WCHA) is a
non-profit membership association devoted to preserving, studying,
and using wood, wood-canvas, cedar strip and birchbark canoes, and to
disseminating information about canoeing heritage in North America.